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The Best Luxury Cruise for Families

Trying to find the best luxury cruise for families can easily become overwhelming because you quickly become aware of how many cruise lines are available for your family. Questions like, does a large ship or small ship better fit your family, what kids programs and activities are available onboard, how many restaurants are available and what is the dress code, are there adjoining staterooms? After these questions are answered, you must evaluate the available cruise itineraries. At Trusted Luxury Cruise, we recommended that you first determine whether you want a luxury cruise experience or a mass-market cruise experience. These experiences are very different because of the way cruise lines approach the questions above. However, if it is decided that a luxury cruise experience is what fits your family vacation needs, then what ships to consider just became a lot easier.

best luxury cruise for families SeaDream Yacht Club Water Sports Marina

SeaDream Yacht Club Water Sports Marina

Trusted Luxury has looked at the family cruise experience on several of the luxury cruise lines. Below are links to each of the family cruise articles written to help make the decision of which family cruise to take. The best luxury cruise line for your family is often based on the age of your children, activity level and interests. For example, Crystal Cruises has Wii and Play Station consoles for the grade schoolers and preteenagers. Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, and SeaDream offer water marines with sail boats, waterskiing and snorkeling from the back of the ship. Each cruise line offers distinct experiences for families, so it is helpful to understand how these cruise lines are similar and different. Whatever your family desires, most likely, there is a luxury cruise line perfectly suited for your family vacation.

During the luxury cruise lines holiday and summertime itineraries, the luxury cruise lines cater to families. The cruise ships are staffed with program directors responsible for daily kid activities. Special games, activates, movies and more are put in place to keep kids of all ages entertained. During these sailings, it is not uncommon for many families to be on the ships, so it gives your kids opportunity to meet and play with new friends. Unlike a mass-market cruise where there might be a 1,000 or so kids onboard, a luxury line has a manageable number of families that enables kids to participate in all activities without worry of crowd limitations or lines, which often makes everyone’s cruise more enjoyable.

It is important to keep in mind that luxury cruise lines are designed for adults, and even though on certain itineraries these ships become more kid friendly, the ships still cater to adults. What this means for families is there are usually limited numbers of connecting rooms or third-berths available. No luxury line has Disney characters, a climbing wall or zipline. What makes the luxury lines standout is their focus on service, cuisine, space and choices. This focus on service, food and choices makes it easy for families to design a fun family experience on and off the ship, in a manner that is often unique to the luxury cruise lines. The articles below can help in finding the perfect family cruise. It is common that after a single luxury cruise experience families realize that a family luxury cruise is better than any other family vacation option.

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